Empowering Foreign Talent in USA
We kick-start global entrepreneurs and their start-ups, in America.


Your talent makes the US and the world stronger. It takes a network, and a global vision.
Even in the best economies, finding good talent is hard. We are linked with entrepreneurs from around the world, and it keeps us at the forefront. Starting a business as a foreigner is not easy. Both a network and experience on the market are essential. We experienced these the hard way, but why should you?
Our job is to put you here in the US. Is it you? SEND US A LINE
Your American launchpad, on one single site. HOW WE DO IT
We connect you to top innovation centers When launching abroad, being connected is not an advantage; it is a must. We are a network of consultants and entrepreneurs from MIT and Harvard.


We advise you, from strategy to implementation It takes times to launch and consolidate a business. We provide our experience to take your idea into action, spanning research, planning and growth.
We support you, through all logistics and regulations
We have local partners in engineering, research, talent retention, legal and immigration support, which allows us to manage operations quickly and efficiently.
We kick-start global businesses. And soon yours too. Want to see it for yourself?


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